Redefining Real Estate


Redefining Real Estate

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Combining traditional with modern.

Turfmates is a full service real estate firm that combines the traditional real estate model with modern day technology. We offer a web platform designed to streamline the process of buying and selling homes, saving you time and, most importantly, money. By combining technology with local real estate agents’ knowledge & expertise, we eliminate thousands of dollars of fees associated with the traditional real estate model, making the home buying & selling experience simple, transparent, and rewarding.

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150 4th Ave N, Floor 20

Nashville, TN 37219


phone : 1(615).538.0423

email: info@turfmates.com


The amount of money Greater Nashville buyers and sellers could have saved in 2018 by working with Turfmates


The amount is based on the traditional 6% combined agent commission on the number of residential sales and average price data published by Greater Nashville Association of Realtors.


See how much you can save by working with Turfmates

In an expensive residential real estate industry, buyers and sellers working with Turfmates save thousands of dollars with our technology based real estate model. Buyers get a refund of 50% of buyer agent’s commission (typically 2%-3%), after closing the escrow, in exchange for a fraction of equity in their home. Sellers save money by letting agents compete for their listing and hiring experienced agents that offer discounts on commission. See below how much you can save by working with us.


Seller savings are calculated assuming an average 1% commission discount due to multiple agents competing for the same listing. Buyer refund is calculated based on 3% buyer agent’s commission.