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Turfmates APP has Launched!


You can now buy and sell a home through an app on your phone! Turfmates, a new real estate app, is serving Nashville and the surrounding area with the newest and most innovative real estate technology. Having just launched this week, Turfmates offers top notch quick service to the high tech, low maintenance buyers and sellers in the Greater Nashville area. By providing an effective and easy means for millennials to work through the complex process of buying a home, Turfmates supports the needs of each client by utilizing real estate agents’ knowledge and expertise.

After downloading the app, you can browse listings, request disclosures, take virtual reality tours using standard VR glasses from anywhere in the world, schedule on-demand showings, submit an offer, and close the deal all from your phone! Every Turfmates client, whether buying or selling, is represented by a licensed real estate agent (your dedicated Turfmate), available on- demand via the messaging functionality built into the Turfmates app. The biggest advantage of making Turfmates your real estate assistant is our flat fee commission model for sellers and cash back investment option for buyers. We allow sellers to list a property for a flat service fee based on the listing price. We also offer buyers a refund of our share of the commission (usually 2.5% - 3%), minus our flat service fee, in exchange for a fraction of equity. Since this cash back is not a conventional loan, there is no interest rate and no monthly payments. Buyers do not have to repay anything until 10 years or when you sell the home, whichever happens first. If the value of your home goes down, so does the amount you owe us.  Think about what you could do with extra cash after your home purchase…the options are limitless.

Turfmates team is looking forward to serving and working with Nashville’s lively and dynamic community to help solve the gaps lefts in the traditional real estate model. This is the future of residential real estate and we’re happy to be a part of it!

“When it comes to residential real estate, no one solution fits all! Every buyer and seller has different goals and all situations are unique. Through Turfmates, control is given to the client to customize the entire home buying or selling experience while we help individualize the process—all for the better!” –Deepanshu Sharma, Turfmates CEO

Here are a few blogs that give more of an in depth explanation to different aspects of our business, and you can check those out…. The Closing Cost Game and What is a Turfmate? We will continue to blog on our business, buyer education, seller education, tips and tricks for selling or buying a home, all about Nashville, and so much more!