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Why FALL is the perfect time to buy a house…

With just two months left until the New Year, maybe you’ve found yourself itching to move. The good news is, just like wedding season—fall is shaping up nicely for homebuyers as well. We’ve scoured the Internet, looked at statistics and data, talked with real estate agents, and compiled a list on why fall is the perfect time to make a home purchase.

LESS COMPETITION—Life gets a little wild in the summer. It’s no secret that spring into summer has been notorious for more than hot weather, but also a hot real estate market. While the trend still holds there, you as the homebuyer will find yourself not having to compete for showings or racing to sign a contract. There is less competition all around.

SELLERS ARE WORN OUT—It’s possible after having their home on the market, showing their home for several months, maintaining show ready homes during the heat and with the kids home from school, most sellers are tired of the upkeep it takes to have your home on the market. You will find they appreciate buyers and can enjoy the real estate traffic a lot more in the fall.

TIRED; BUT SERIOUS—Not only are they potentially tired; they’re ready to make a deal. This bodes well for potential buyers when scheduling walk-throughs and negotiating contracts. And remember, not all homes are summer’s leftovers. Matter of fact, many people have been waiting on their next home to be built, maybe have or take a job relocation before the holidays, or a host other reasons, but regardless, they need to make a deal so they can move on to their next destination.

CENTER OF ATTENTION—Because Fall has traditionally been a slower season for real estate agents, they’re able to devote more time and energy to your house hunting needs. Same with all other service providers, title companies, mortgage lenders, even movers are more likely to get your scheduled quickly with less delay. While Turfmates is committed to meeting your needs with your own personal, experienced real estate agent via our messaging system on the app, you don’t have to worry about this too much, but who doesn’t want too schedule mover the same day as your closing?

EXTERIOR EXPOSURE—Summertime is often filled with greenery and sellers usually decorate with extra flowers and plants to increase curb appeal. When fall rolls around, you can get a feel of what the exterior of your house really looks like and what type of upkeep is more manageable.

BEAT MOTHER NATURE—Speaking of greenery and flowers, by wintertime working on the outside of your house and needing to do little projects that require windows and doors open become increasingly difficult. Buying and moving in the fall will help you get a few steps ahead of Mother Nature and without the roasting summer heat.

SAFEST TIME OF THE YEAR—It’s no secret a lot of statistics and data go into the home buying (and selling) process. Believe it or not, even crime has its busy seasons, and it’s not fall. The Bureau of Justice has done quite a bit of research in crime seasonality and fall always comes out on the lowest end. You can enjoy your home and new space in the safest of times.

END OF THR YEAR SALES—And after the big move, you can take advantage of all the end of year sales. Consumer Reports say that September is a great time for carpet and paint deals, followed by lawn mowers in October, and appliances and cookware in November. As you roll into December, you can make sure to add any extras you haven’t picked up to you Christmas list or after holiday sales.

YEAR END TAX BREAK—Nothing more like adulting than appreciating a good tax break. Mortgage interest, property taxes can all be deducted from your gross income. Doesn’t sound quite as exciting the end of year sales, but we can promise you’ll appreciate it in the long run.

Don’t resist the urge to look or buy a new home because of the time of year. Fall may traditionally not be known for the most popular season, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t many advantages to moving right into your dream home. Turfmates is here to help you do that, just in time to decorate for the holidays!

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Deepanshu Sharma