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Amazon names Nashville as Eastern Hub

As locals here and a new business serving Nashville, we couldn’t be more excited about today’s announcement from Amazon! Rumored to be locating to the Gulch area of town, Amazon is an incredible company looking to bring 5,000 full time jobs to Nashville. Native Nashvillians can give a long list of reasons why this company and those relocating to Nashville neighborhoods will absolutely love this city and this part of the country. The growth spurt seen in every neighborhood and on every corner around town are evidence that the people of Nashville are already moving in a positive direction and have much to offer this worldwide company. And, we’re not lost on the incredible economic impact Amazon will have on Nashville and the surrounding areas! At Turfmates, we are ready to serve the people of Amazon, those the company will bring in and many of our own who will be looking for new places to call home!

Click here to read the full story via WKRN’s new reports.

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