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Stress Free Selling : Tips from HGTV

From the search for the perfect house to ship lap and renovation, the HGTV network has attracted wide audiences to their variety of home shows, particularly in the growing DIY market. Turfmates is here to help you sell (or buy) your home and in the most accessible and "DIY-like" style. We are aware that buying and selling a home is one of the largest, if not largest purchase an individual will encounter, and we always aim at making the entire process less complex and less stressful for all of those involved. Taking tips from the HGTV experts, here are the top 5 tips on selling your home and keeping it from wrecking your world!


1. Get clear on the reason you are selling your home. It can be one definite or a host of reasons, but make them personal and unique to you and your situation. Revisit your "why" when you are making decisions, big or small, throughout the process.



2. Price your home to sell. Don't get caught up in what you think it should be worth, or even what you want it to be worth. You are more likely to get multiple offers if you price it just below what fair market value is listed. Comparable homes and sells in your area will assist you (and your agent) in this part of the process.



3. Get ONLINE! Hello, this is our wheelhouse. Let Turfmates help you with the most important step in buying process...The internet search. According to HGTV, 92% of all home buyers start with internet searches. So that is where your house needs to be!



4. Be open minded in the deal process. Be willing to be flexible and creative when dealing with potential buyers. Not all sells will go as planned from Day 1, however, that does not mean both parties can't win.



5. Get a buyer that can close the deal. Don't miss out opportunities for showing your home, or marketing your home to potential buyers throughout the process. Don't skip reading pre-approval letters and loan information.


Turfmates is here to help and educate you through the buying and selling process, keeping stress down and success in finding your dream home a reality. To find the full article, click here to read other tips for selling your home. #turfmates #sellingyourhome #buyingyourhome #nashvillehomes #stressfreerealestate #millennialhomebuying