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Turfmates & Millennials (and the like)


Turfmates is here to help make your home buying (or selling) experience stress free and uncomplicated. Using our services, you will move quicker through the entire experience with less of a headache all around. Recently, FortuneBuilders.com published an article listing the top two ways millennials are affecting the housing market—technology and perfection.  We took notice and realized we are the perfect resourse to keep these up with these trends!


Technology. Millennials are living in a world that is ruled by technology and Turfmates is using the newest technology to help potential buyers browse through listings and complete every other step of the buying process using their phone or tablet. Our app includes virtual reality tours, scheduling on-demand visits, requesting customizing easy to understand disclosures, and submitting offers.  Millennials are without a doubt taking advantage of technology and our app is going to give them freedom when buying or selling their home.  Matter of fact, 99 percent of millennial buyers searched online while looking for a home in 2017 and 58 percent found the home they ended up purchasing on their mobile device; these statistics are expected to increase every year. Millennials want to feel like they are in control of what they do (who doesn’t?), which is why they research heavily and mind their due diligence before diving into homeownership. When surveyed, 74 percent of millennials said they wanted help understanding the purchasing process and this is right where Turfmates comes in!


Perfection. Even though millennials are less likely to stay in the first home they purchase forever (68 percent say they will use their first home as a stepping stone towards their dream home) there certain features they can’t resist. Turfmates is dedicated to providing access to homes available in everyone’s “dream home” category.   According to a study published by Nationwide Mortgage Insurance, millennials don’t have the time or money needed to tend to renovate their home right away. And because we know nearly half of home buying millennials would prefer newly constructed homes versus a “fixer-upper”, we have homes in the newest hottest areas of Nashville and can find what the buyer is looking for (or get what the seller has out there to potential buyers). Turfmates is striving to provide perfection to the buyer and seller in a stress free, easy, technologically driven process… exactly what a millennial needs and wants!

We want to be available to all buyers and sellers who are looking to make their real estate experience as stress free as possible.  Using our technology will be easy for the techy, new age buyer just as it will be for a traditional, mainstream seller and vice versa! 



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