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Simple Ways to Add Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is so important when you are in the process of wanting to list your home.  You know all of the great things that the inside of your home offers, but in order for potential buyers to see those, they have to be attracted to the outside.  Think of your home like a book, while we say never judge a book by the cover, we all know that is a common habit of most people.  Therefore, we want to help you make sure the outside of your home is a great as the inside.  We made a list of three quick and easy ways to increase curb appeal.

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Update hardware.

Light fixtures, doorknockers and knobs, visible house numbers, maybe even kick plates are a great place to start.  You want to make sure the finish and styles all tie in together and give the home an extra detail of care that many people appreciate.


Take a walk through your own front door.

Is your front door easily accessible? Is the sidewalk clean or are there small fixes to be made? Cheery, bright colors are always inviting, but if that’s not your style a fresh coat of a neutral provides a nice touch too! Fixing any trim work or giving any extra coat on the trim too will make the front door pop.  Same advice for other doors that are commonly used, but especially for the access points visible from the street.


Give your lawn some TLC

Having an appealing yard is important for when potential buyers are driving by.  Giving existing trees, shrubs, bushes, and flowers a manicure is your first step. Then pulling up any dead vegetation and if applicable, freshening up rock or mulch in walkways, flower beds, and other places to give definite lines provides a nice and tidy look. Sprinkle grass seed down and setting your sprinkler out to give some extra love to the front long will have a huge impact on the overall appearance of your house from the street view. A well-manicured lawn shows future buyers that care and attention was given to the outside, often meaning to the inside as well.

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