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White Boxing? Will It Help You Sell Your Home?


Are you overwhelmed by the feeling of having to stage your house? Don’t have the extra funds to pay someone to stage your home, but know there is value in it?  Relax and check out the newest, hottest trend in selling your home—White-boxing.

Is white-boxing really a thing?

The answer is YES! Supported by Southern Living and Jade Mills, real estate for Caldwell banker in Beverly Hills, white-boxing may be an easier way to prepare your home for the buyers market.  Ripping out everything, simplifying the layout, provides a blank slate for prospective buyers in your home.  They can easily imagine their own colors, styles, tastes, and the possibilities seem endless.  This allows anyone who walks through the door to focus on the potential of each room, rather than imagining living amongst your things. Aside from furniture placement, the buyer can design floor design, layouts, and flow in every room.  While it may not work for the instant gratification buyer, a DIY-er or innovative thinker can put their own touches on the house while having saved thousands by starting with a cleared space. 




So how do you know if white boxing is for you?

If you're considering the idea of white-boxing your house, there has to be something about the property that will get a buyer to overlook the condition of the home, such as its great location, breathtaking views, or top-ranked school district.  One reason staging has been a successful marketing tool in the past is because most homebuyers like to see a home in good condition. 

According to Mills, a home that needs significant repairs (i.e., a fixer-upper) may be an option for white-boxing. But showing properties in poor condition isn’t easy. A buyer may focus more on the problems rather than the potential. Hopefully, though, if everything is removed and the home is in an enviable spot, the buyer will concentrate on the possibilities.


At Turfmates, we really believe in educating our clients on their options.  White-boxing is a newer trend that is taking off and a real, reasonable fit for many properties in the area.  It can be economical and allow you to pack your things up and get them out without feeling the need to have all of the perfect accessories arranges for future buyers.