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Calling All Agents---


Turfmates is a full-service real estate firm that combines the traditional real estate model with modern day technology. We offer a web platform designed to streamline the process of buying and selling homes, saving everyone involved time and making efficient use of money.  We want you and your experience as a part of our team. (And we’re only asking the top realtors in the area!) Our leads are entirely free, and we currently do not have a minimum or maximum number of leads each agent can take on.


Here’s how it works…

Turfmates staff will send you qualified leads while you focus on the fun part of real estate—connecting clients with their dream home. We want to give you the freedom to use your expertise and take some of the busy work off your plate. Our virtual platform makes the entire process easier on your end and for our clients.  You can collaborate with showing agents and clients, update profiles, send paperwork, accept offers, and so much more from our app. While you’re busy doing your job, clients can explore the app—taking virtual tours, checking updated timelines, get questions answered, click through to contracts, have access to buyer and seller educational material.

Our system will allow you to make your schedule. You’ll be given leads on a rotating basis and can accept or pass on depending on your current workload. There is no requirement or need to leave your current brokerage. You can grow your business connections and relationships on a timeline that works for you. Our aim is to partner with agents, lighten the workload, save you time, earn you extra money, while making the entire process simpler, more efficient, and less stressful for everyone involved.